Homeopathy was accidentally discovered in the year - by Dr Samuel Hahnemann while he was translating a book in English. He came across a phenomenon where it was described that the root of cinchona bark produced symptoms similar to malaria. The rest is history. That was the origin of a new era in medicinal history. Homeopathy though struggled initially to establish itself as an important healing system because of its dynamicity, now it is the most trusted and widely practiced alternative medicine. If properly supported and funded by government Homeopathy can be the future mainstream medicine.

Homeopathic practice is based on law of similars i.e. if a person has a particular symptoms group then that is matched with the symptoms group in homeopathic materia medica (book of proved medicines) and then the similar remedy is prescribed. This similar remedy determined by matching the symptoms group of the patient with remedial symptoms group in material medica has the power to heal that particular symptoms group or that diseased state in the given individual.
Homeopathy believes that each person reacts or behaves individually (different or unique) in the diseased state. We have to just determine that individuality of that particular patient and match it with similar one given in materia medica. Hence even if two or more persons are suffering from the same disease the Homeopathic medicines tend to differ as the individuals differ in their behavioral pattern or adaptation in that particular diseased state.

Concept of Health and Disease

As man has evolved through ages so is the science of health to keep him surviving or adapting to his best of fitness (viability). There’s been a history in finding and determining the causes of ill health of mankind and various ways to deal with the same , giving rise to various branches of healing like medicine, surgery etc. But it has been testing time to all such healing processes to deal with the universal cause of ill health identified as STRESS which has always remained a predetermined cause to all the diseases of mankind.
So lets understand the concept of disease and its predetermined primary cause stress.
DIS-EASE—discomfort – state other than comfort i.e. much prior to the state of expression of symptoms (physical) , that means a state best understood at the level of mind. To summaries disease may be put up as ‘an uncomfortable / altered state of mind(centre)’ which progresses on to give rise to expressions in form of pathological symptoms (bodily symptoms- periphery). HEALTH—whereas state of health is defined as a complete , stable and comfortable(best adapted) state of mind , body and soul. Spiritual health these days have gained much importance specifically post 9/11.
Now lets understand ‘STRESS’ . lets put up this way that human being starts interacting with environment even before the birth while being in the womb of a mother . This interaction is followed by ‘ADAPTATION’ suitable according to the pressures in the environment. And the cost paid in this process of interaction and suitable adaptation may be called ‘AGEING’ .
This process of adaptation involves a hell lot of energy in dealing with the pressures from environment , known as ‘STRESSORS’. So to summarise ‘stress’ – means all the cumulative pressures from environment surrounding that human being as an individual which opens up the constitution (makes that individual vulnerable) or which alters the state of comfort and which is responsible for the diseased state.

Diagrammatic presentation -

Human being is continuously interacting with his environment for his VIABILITY. Environment comprises of 2 parts one is NATURAL and other ARTIFICIAL. Natural environment - Climate / seasons / food and even micro-organisms. Artificial environment - Domestic (interpersonal relationship) / socio-cultural / professional / financial. Since man is only animal who can adapt at any extreme climatic conditions so natural environment directly has a seldom primary role in his disease, its role is secondary.
Artificial environment pressures has a pivotal and primary role in his affections directly.
Man easily manages the stress of natural environment with minimal energy consumption whereas he is much affected by artificial environment with much consumption of energy making him more vulnerable to disease or effects of natural environment. This quality of human nature is attributed to his sensitivities towards the artificial environment esp the domestic one.
Eg A person who has a difficult relationship at family level is more prone to catch a pneumonia after getting wet in a heavy rain. So the vulnerability at the level of sensitivity has a major role in contracting disease.
We can otherwise summup in a way that “Disease is an altered state of mind (centre / cns) followed by altered state of body (periphery) caused by stress (environment).
Now the thing here to understand is that this process of interaction and adaptation has become more complex as the stress from artificial environment is mounting at multiple levels simultaneously day by day. The human mind (centre) is unable to manage and maintain the balance or harmony with the environment.
Today’s modern medicine has been able to take care of the disease at the physical level or rather arising from natural environment but has limited protocol in dealing with the stress and dis-ease arising from artificial environment (at sensitivity level). Here the role of homeopathy has been convincing since its time of discovery.
Homeopathy helps at the level of human mind (centre) which deals with the process of interaction and adaptation in response to the stressors of environment, and thereby taking care of primary cause of the disease; the secondary or physical symptoms are automatically taken care of by the centre(mind) which is already helped by homeopathy.
So Homeopathy aids in natural healing process of the human system through its centre (mind) thus leading to the best suitable adaptation in response to the environment.

Adaptation And Individuality

These processes of interaction and adaptations with environment are unique and different from person to person like as finger prints or retinal scans. These unique adaptations represent the various remedies in materia medica pertaining to that particular individual. Hence the task of an homeopath is to define those unique adaptations and match with remedy (similimum) and prescribe in accordance. That’s the reason why we find most homeopaths asking personal information to patients to understand their adaptations in a better way.
SUMMARY — The whole concept of homeopathy lies in understanding this altered state of health (mind) of the person as an individual and triggering a natural healing process leading to cure.
HOLISTIC HOMEOCARE understands and renders services in this direction to best of its efforts.