We have good and positive experience in dealing with almost all the diseases at all ages, involving or relating to nearly every system in human body. Few of them are mentioned below:-

Respiratory System

All conditions including :-
Chronic cough and cold
Allergic rhinitis
Deviated nasal septum (DNS)
Asthma / COPD
And other minor and major respiratory illnesses.

Digestive System

All acute and chronic gastric disorders like
Gastric and duodenal ulcers
Colitis / ulcerative colitis
Piles / fissures
Chronic gas trouble and many more.

Musculoskeletal System

All muscular and joint pains viz.
Osteoarthritis of knee and other joints
Frozen shoulder
Low backache
Spine problems
Cervical (neck) spondylosis
Muscular dystrophy
And other major and minor problems associated with muscles and joints.
RA (Rheumatoid arthritis)
At Holistic homeocare we have been successfully avoided many knee replacements and those patients are leading quite a normal life with good movements restored back with Homeopathy.

Skin Disorders

Allergic disorders
Chronic itching
Chronic ringworm
Tinea versicolor
Hyperpigmentation (Dark skin) and hypopigmentation (white patches - leucoderma)
Acne (pimples) problem
Scar management
And various other acute and chronic skin disorders.

Cardiovascular Problems

Blood pressure problems
Heart problems
Cholesterol problems
Many other vascular and cardiac problems can be dealt with Homeopathy, but here the time period required is comparatively more and compliance of the patient is important.

Renal (kidney) Disorders

CRF (chronic renal failure)
Other medical renal diseases
Kidney stones etc.
We have been successfully expelling out kidney stones in nearly all the patients and surgical interventions were avoided.

Liver Problems

Any liver disease viz
Liver abscess
Recurrent jaundice
Gall stones
And other minor and major liver diseases. Major disorders like cancer will require a comprehensive evaluation by the whole team including cancer surgeon. The treatment will be carried under the guidance of the whole team.

Ear Nose and Throat problems

Chronic ear discharge (CSOM)
Recurrent ear infections
Recurrent tonsillitis
Recurrent throat problems (pharyngitis)
Adenoids etc.

Children or Paediatric diseases

Bed wetting
Memory problem
Concentration problem
Behavioral problems
Allergic conditions
Bronchitis / Asthma
Gastric or digestive problems (Complains of pain in stomach on off)
Scholastic backwardness
Hyperactive disorder / autism
Low confidence
Extreme shyness
Nervous disorders etc.

Reproductive System

Low sperm count
Erectile dysfunction (impotency)
Prostate problems
Hormonal imbalance
Irregular menses
Excessive bleeding during menses
Extreme pain during menses (dysmenorrhoea)
Reduced sexual desire
Any major or life threatening disorders like leukemia, stroke, coma or cancer of any part will be assessed and evaluated by the whole team at Holistic Homeocare and further protocol and management will be decided. The time, cost and prognosis will made clear in accordance.