It is said that Homeopathy is a slow healing process, is it true? How long does it take and will the results shown be everlasting?
Homeopathy is a natural healing science which corrects the derangement at centre level (central nervous system) or primary level. The secondary level or physical disease level is automatically taken care by this corrected central system (refer to about homeopathy section on the page).
The time taken in natural healing is minimal and depends on the type of disease, time since the disease, and extent of disease i.e. pathology.
The results are the best in comparison to any other faculty of medicine, related to that particular diseased state until the person is again affected by some newer trauma or disease.

What are the restrictions on the food items?
No food restrictions as such, other than avoiding alcohol, tobacco and drugs. No threat of interaction of Homeopathic medicine with any of the ayurvedic or allopathic medicine whatsoever.

It is said that Homeopathy is more of holistic healing, is it true?
Yeah, Homeopathy is a holistic and natural healing science which not only cures the disease but primarily the man in disease. Hence it heal holistically.

Is there any remedy in Homeopathy for serious ailments like arthritis, osteoporosis, varicose veins, asthma, allergic bronchitis, and also for other deadly diseases like cancer, heart problems, TB etc?
Homeopathy is a complete healing science. It primarily heals the man in disease, however deadly the disease may be. The extent of the affect or disease is important in deciding the time and fate of recovery.
The main problem is that this holistic healing science lacks in infrastructure and research facilities due to lack of funds and positive government support.
If supported properly and deeply researched Homeopathy is definitely the future main stream faculty of medicine.

Can we control Blood pressure and Diabetes with Homeopathic medicines?
Blood pressure and diabetes in most cases are caused by the continual stress over a decade or two. This long stressful period affects body deeply and to a greater extent. In such cases Homeopathic medicines do help, but the treatment and management has to be over a longer period of time with good compliance of the patient.

I read somewhere that Homeopathy heals more because of the doctorís interaction with the patient rather than medicines?
Homeopathic case-taking is a long process where the Homeopathic physician asks details of the problems faced by the patient. He hears him patiently and records the details. Patient definitely feels good when heard and enquired properly. But that doesnít resolve the disease, otherwise psychologists and counselors would have been no-1 healers.

I took 6 months medicines for my corn problem, it never healed?
Homeopathy prescribes on the individuality of the patient. And understanding the individuality of the patient in a stipulated period of time is a task and requires a lot of hard work, skill and deep study.
Like allopathy the protocol or treatment to a particular disease is not fixed. We have to choose from 4000 homeopathic medicines depending on the individuality of the case.
Regarding your corn problem, the chosen medicine or medicines might have been wrong so you werenít healed.

Can surgery be avoided with the help of Homeopathy?
Yes Homeopathy can heal surgical problems even. But a lot depends upon the type of surgical problem, the condition of the patient (weak or strong) and the extent of pathology. If the condition of the patient is weak, the extent of pathology is life threatening then surgery is the best option. If the problem is not life threatening and urgent, then Homeopathy has definitely a role to play.
As I have mentioned earlier that funding for proper and deep research in Homeopathy can resolve the limitations of Homeopathy.

Is there any solution for obesity in Homeopathy?
Obesity in some cases is a simple problem related with bad lifestyle and food habits. While in other cases obesity is a complex process involving metabolic and hormonal problems.
Homeopathy can definitely help obese patients by restoring their metabolic and hormonal balance. But the healing process may require a long time with good compliance.

The medicines are sweet and seem like for all diseases the same medicine. Are there different powers of medicines in Homeopathy like allopathy?
Homeopathy has 4000 medicines to choose from. The medicines are sweet because the vehicle (sachrum lactis) which is used to carry and store medicines is sweet.
There are various powers of each Homeopathic medicines.

Are there any side effects of the medicine?
None, Except for few hypersensitive patients who may experience slight aggravation of symptoms which is short lived and non-problematic

For the disease not to occur again should the medicine be taken lifelong?
Diseases are the product of the stressful environment over a period of time where the person succumbs and then suffers.
Homeopathy restores the harmony of the patient lost due to stress. Homeopathic medicines are usually stopped when the patient is cured and this is judged by operating physician.
If the stress from environment continues to trouble the patient, then he can restart the treatment

Why canít we touch the tablets?
It is better that the pills are untouched for the best results.